Some Productive Extensions For All Visual Studio Code Users.

I regularly Use VS Code and there such have lots of useful extensions and I wish that the extensions help everyone means just everyone. I’m only filtering some extensions but not all of them, If I go for all then may the slide impossible to over. but I upload as soon as others also.

Competitive Programming Helper (cph)

Most of the Competitive Coders are use CHP If they are VS Code lovers. Because It is awesome. And when they are participating in any contest in the popular platform(Ex: CodeForce) then they are not comfortable with that, whensoever their personal VS Code was already customized and have lot’s of extension are there so online compiler doesn’t provide any of this.

What is CHP? It’s a compiler. Ohh, means It Help me to compile my practice code very easily from here. Not no need to go terminal every time for test cases or any compilation error. And If you already connected with your participate platform then it can run from here with the given time.

Code Time

Code time is an open-source plugin for automatic programming metrics and time tracking in Visual Studio Code. There has a separate website but I don’t want to talk about it because you just need to have a profile there.

I don’t know how many times exactly you sit for coding. It may be very long and eat your half-day. But with the help of this, your coding stats can help you understand how you are improving over time uses. It captures periods of intense focus and flow. Each metric shows how you compare today to your averages. Each average is calculated by day of the week over the last 90 days.

TO-DO Tree

Don’t Know about others but my parents always call me when I’m Working or learning any new technology.Son goes to market, come for helping me, and I can’t avoid those of words and I work as a servant ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Here to-do tree helps me a lot, and it’s really easy to use what you wanna do before commenting there need to type TODO. That’s it sidebar there save your task automatically.


Lastly, I told that for only some pice or any particular line recognized the incomplete task, we can add into the To-Do tree. It’s more or less like To-Do tree, But what do they do when a person wants full access but already started a new project in vs code. and if the personal use as a personal pc most often. Then I can imagine how difficult to find junk.

I always forgot to add semicolon ;(

Bookmarks in everywhere. So Bookmarks extension not only can help to save and mark even it gives full access from your saved file location.

Zoom Bar

If you have already used office tools then It should nothin new. Because there have a zoom In plus and zoom out minus resizing page button corner on the right side.

After install Zoom Bar. If you click in the center “n%” then there you can click already some haven zoom In, Just click any of this.

Code Spell Checker

I Know how difficult for a student to “acquiesce” like uncommon words for first time. and just imagine that when learning phase anyone can want to add any comment this type of word. It’s not easy :(.I’m think that if there have any spelling fixing extension have that might be solve my problem .So here is the solution I found to getting over from mistake.

It’s similar like MS Office tools.It’s any Program TypeScript, JavaScript, Text, etc. file. Words not in the dictionary files will have a squiggly underline. You just click there else Click on the lightbulb in the left hand margin.

Rainbow Bracket

Every day I Type a minimum 500 of lines of a program. Just think how those eyes jump into the line-by-line programs.

It’s not something new to confuse with bracket. for example VS Code default coming with solid brackets. and our eyes confuse between at a point. If the option is in the software setting how good is this. But unfortunately, that’s not providing. Maybe In the feature, It will be added :).
Relax, There have a quick solution is rainbow brackets. rainbow colors for the round brackets, the square brackets, and the squiggly brackets.

This is particularly useful for Lisp or Clojure programmers, and of course, JavaScript, and other programmers. The isolated right bracket will be highlighted in red..

Git Graph

It can be predicted by its name only “Graphhhhhh” xD.

But git? Please note only for git and github understand even everyone should know user for uploading and have a safe backup. So if you want to track all git commits and push data with a very eye catching colorful line. And Interesting thing is It can be readable for a noncoder person.

Google Search

I know some people are really happy to Know that, There has an extension that can make their curiosity directly from the VS code otherwise I know how Stressful it was to go Browser and search the meaning, And if the person hardware configuration was not good then there have a possibility browser crash in the opening time for background running Software.

So here to do only select the specific thing and It Directly jumps into the default Browser. For example, I search for even and I got the result. Not only that some people are often using st**k*v*rfl**.


Polacode is something that I discover a few days ago It captures My Particular chosen high-scale code with a pretty white frame added in png format.

It just needs to run after just select the code for previewing, In the previewing area It can be able to resize and just save it simply!
If I did that normally then step by step take SS then crop security purposes then attach a frame and maintain good quality. So it’s too much sophisticated.




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