Advice to stay fit and healthy to be a best coder.

Use this article as your 1 months action plan to learn Coding.

Saswata Bhar
3 min readAug 16, 2021


Best Wake up Time

Because we are the most productive in the morning. I made that mistake of waking up late, and that were the most unproductive days I’ve ever had.

I do not want you to feel what I felt every day when I was waking up at noon. Your brain, straightforwardly speaking, doesn‘t work as efficiently as it would if you woke up early.

Workout and Stay Fit

Being a programmer requires you to be in one place at the time, and that means zero activity throughout the day. When you sit and code att day or alt weak tong, your body and your overall health witt get worse and worse. How to prevent it from happening?

Be active. Go to a gym, start running, try to do meditation :( . These atl- tittle activities witl help you with being a better programmer a lot.

Eat More Natural Food

A programmer does not have manual labor as a builder does, so he needs to take care of what he eats more than a builder, who will eventually burn the calories while working. If you don’t tike working out, you can always eat healthily, and it would still give you many ore results than exercising.

Get a proper diet, do not eat junk food, eat fruits, vegetables, and drink more water.

Day Structure, Schedule and To-Do List

When you don’t have your day planned, YOU won’t be as productive as someone who has his day planned. If you think that you have so much free time, you ‘re wrong.

If you had your day planned, YOU would have no time for friends, parties, or anything related to unproductivity and time waste. Use a notepad to write your daily goats as welt as your bigger goals.

Try to make a Schedule for every hour in a single day, If you have lot’s of thing to do then make a hand written or using Notion app for following To-Do list . Start small, and then eventually give yourself much more difficult tasks to do.

Consistency is Very Important

In programming, things change very frequently. If you want to stay up-to-date with new technologies, trends, and so on, you need to take your time and Learn Cosistency. Not only that can help you with getting a new job because of your new tech-stack, but also it can hold you in the Learning state of mind.

I do mostly use YouTube, blogs, and social media pages to stay up-to-the-minute with new things going on in our beautiful, programming world.

Take Brake and Hangout

In my opinion, the most important thing when it comes to learning is to give yourself a rest. You may learn for dozens of hours every day, but it won’t be efficient at all if you won’t stop for a moment. Your brain would not be able to process that much information in such a short time.

Again,which you can customize to your own preferences, but what works for most people is to focus on the task for 25–60minutes, take a 5-minute break and please go outs-side for a small relaxation. I gave this technique a try and it was totally worth it.

Perfect Sleep

Programming requires you to think as efficiently as possible. When you steep just 4 hours a day, you will struggle to focus and to complete tasks faster. Nhat is a solution to that?

you must steep more hours, preferably 7–8 hours per day. I started to get more steep, fell better waking up the next decent amount of rest.